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Slide Jobs Character Artist Prototyping, key framing, or blocking an animation
Passion for pushing the envelope of interactive character animation
Sets the style for animation, creates and implements 3D animation.
3D Animator A good sense of anatomy, and proportions
Realize High Definition characters in their entirety: Modeling, Texturing, respecting as closely as possible the concept art.
be responsible for modeling the characters required in the production of a game.
Create additional character assets such as hair, accessories, armour, weapons, etc.
Deliver clean and optimized low polygon models, and efficient UV layouts according to the project’s technical requirements.
may work as a freelancer as required.
Slide Game Designer Jobs Develop the game systems, controls, and interfaces, and the interactive elements based on the vision of the art director.
Design features aligned with the creative and game directions.
Create and maintain design documentation that will guide interdependent teams.
Experience in multiplayer games is a plus.
may work as a freelancer as required.
Level Designer Conceptualize, design, script, direct, and build levels for video games.
Design and implement areas of the game including layout, character placement, and other gameplay related entities.
Slide Jobs Experience with multiplayer online game
experience using .Net Framework (Web Services, ASP.Net, C# )
Experience with database technology such as MongoDB and Redis.
Strong knowledge of information security.
Ability to write clear and concise documentation.
Strong knowledge of Unity platform and C#
Have a good understanding of mathematics, physics and gameplay mechanics.
Ability to write clear and concise documentation.
Slide Jobs provide voices for characters inside the game universe. Voice Actor

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